CBD Wisconsin LLC - Mission and Goals

CBD Wisconsin LLC Mission Statement:

  • The mission of CBD Wisconsin LLC is to provide the public with CBD products made from the highest quality organically grown cannabis seed. grown and tended only by CBD Wisconsin LLC. CBD Wisconsin does not use imported hemp, extract or CBD isolate.

CBD Wisconsin LLC Goals:

  • Be a major contributor as the agricultural arm of a non-profit organization for disadvantaged women.
  • Identify, educate and permanently employ disadvantaged women that posses a driving talent and passion with willingness to assist in teaching positive life skills and labor techniques to the students and employees that we hire.
  • Hire disadvantaged women that are enrolled in our future non-profit program who are open and willing to work hard to untangle the situations and lifestyles that negatively impacted their lives, utilizing a program of life skill training, online college education and farm job skill training to guide them into small business ownership or skilled job placement at the end of a three year position.
  • Repair and renovate the farm and become a state of the art organic CBD cannabis growing and processing business that produces high quality CBD products of all types with studied positive effects for people.
  • Use short term profits to purchase agricultural employee insurance and begin hiring disadvantaged women from an existing waiting list to help construct this vision of CBD Wisconsin LLC.
  • To have non profit funded housing by the year 2020.
  • Build and grow CBD Wisconsin LLC and  the non profit  organization into a global force for the betterment of humanity.